Prebiotics ()

In the food industry, prebiotics are becoming increasingly important as food additives for producers and manufacturers. These special substances serve as food for beneficial intestinal bacteria and thus promote intestinal health. Natural prebiotics, such as certain dietary fibers, as well as artificially produced variants are equally in demand to support healthy intestinal flora and promote consumer well-being.

The use of prebiotics requires careful testing of various application methods and formulations to achieve the desired target product according to specific requirements. Proper dosage and selection of these substances play a critical role in ensuring the intended health benefits in the final products.

Food manufacturers place great emphasis on matching the flavor profiles of their products to consumer needs. The development of prebiotic-rich foods opens up new opportunities to provide unique taste experiences while promoting health benefits.

As part of food development, various food manufacturing processes and product innovations are being advanced to create new momentum for the use of prebiotics. The focus is also on alternative methods to offer improved end products and meet consumer expectations.

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