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Worldwide, about one third of the food produced is wasted each year. That's 1.6 billion tons worth about 1.6 trillion USD! In Germany, about 12 million tons of food waste are produced annually. 3.6 million tons of this come from agriculture and the processing industry (30%). However, a large part of these residual materials offers great potential for recycling.

From a waste product to a valuable material

Since surpluses, overproduced primary products and residual materials regularly occur at the beginning of the value chain in the production of food at various processing and manufacturing stages, food losses and wastage occur.
Therefore, LEROMA has not only created a Surplus Exchange for easier trading of surpluses and residuals, but also provides a forum for better exchange. This forum cannot only be used to establish business relations and to find business partners, but it also motivates to discover new utilization and valorization possibilities.
Food producers, food wholesalers and raw material suppliers benefit from using the valorization forum!
To extend the life cycle of food, to boost the circular economy and to make a difference in the circular economy, a waste product can be bought or sold with the help of the use of our platform, and thus be transformed into a valuable material through recycling.

What is valorization?

Valorization means the conversion or recovery of former food or feed waste into food or feed ingredients. But also products, such as fibers and granules, which in turn can be used to create textiles or plastic substitutes. Thus, for example, packaging can be created from organic raw materials, such as potato peels.
Moreover, in modern food waste management, valorization of by-products is a way to recover their valuable components and/or develop new products with market value.

All participants from the food industry are invited to share their experiences, ask questions and give tips. Therefore, machine manufacturers who have developed innovative processing methods and can share their technology here are also welcome.

Whey is left over from cheese production, animal fat in slaughterhouses, molasses in the sugar industry and spent grains in breweries. Just about every production facility has to deal with waste products. Very few choose a sustainable path. But why choose cost-intensive disposal when you can discover a niche market or add an innovative product to your portfolio? A long-term solution entails researching uses, potential partners and building an infrastructure. Once these obstacles are overcome, nothing stands in the way of a sustainable and profitable future.

From fish scraps to plastic bags

Processing fish often leaves behind large amounts of scraps, such as fish bones and scales. This fish waste is often thrown away. In contrast, fish waste can be optimally used to produce bioplastics and, for example, compostable plastic bags.

Working together against waste

Do you want to take action against the waste of resources and reduce their environmental impact? Then you've come to the right place. Because in the valorization forum you can exchange ideas with other players who either have the same problem, offer inspiration or have a solution ready. Not only residual materials are valuable, but also every exchange!

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