Our team

LEROMA is a young Start-Up company. We are focusing on a specific, and product-oriented search for relevant food raw materials in the B2B sector. Our team consists of many creative minds who want to improve the food industry in a sustainable way.

Marina Billinger

CEO & Founder

Alexander Yanchin


Florian Casalino

Sustainability Manager

Aliaksandra Kharoshka

Co-founder &
food analyst


Our Vision

Our vision is to build a global network and sustainable B2B platform for food raw materials with our work and the trust of our users.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring transparency to the food raw material market worldwide and help food developers to find their raw materials with just a few clicks, quickly and according to the desired technical criteria.



Food matters live will host the largest gathering of ingredients companies in the UK to showcase the latest innovative ingredients for the development of food, drink, nutraceuticals and functional products. Our joint cooperation is designed to advance the reduction of food ingredients waste and emerge new business opportunities between raw material suppliers and buyers.

lebensmittelverarbeitung-online.de is the german B2B process technology and business portal for the processing food and beverage industry. As the leading speacialist portal in the food & beverage industry, it reports daily on the latest industry news & product innovations, exciting case studies & white papers, as well as trade fairs and events.

Packpart offers a platform that mediates between packaging producers and manufacturers of packaging machines. Customers from the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries can find suitable packaging machine manufacturers. Packpart helps to analyse the range of services and finds a supplier that meets the individual requirements.

Foodhub NRW is an innovation platform and community. It networks players in the agricultural and food industry from the field to the shelf in order to collaborate on the development of future-oriented solutions for the industries.

Greenspotting is the media channel for everyone who is committed to a climate and environmentally friendly future. If you visit us, you will no longer miss what is happening around the world. Whether mobility, energy, health, lifestyle, nutrition or green technologies and products - we offer a daily overview of all exciting developments. Whether in research, politics, companies or private initiatives. Verified and selected by experienced journalists. With one click you are always up to date.

Lisa K Johnson is an independent consultant who tackles food waste in primary production. She has extensive experience in local, organic, sustainable, conventional and biotech food and agriculture. Her research has aimed to understand the loss of agricultural products. It is especially important to include the growers' point of view. This is why she works not only with specialty crop growers, but also with non-profits, governments, startups, industry, and the academy.

Our Goals


LEROMA supports the

Sustainable Development Goals

Together we can use our surplus exchange against 1.6 billion tons of wasted food every year.


Every year 821 million people are hungry while tons of food are thrown away in rich countries. At LEROMA, we know that this is not necessary and that there are other options. We want to create conditions under which it is easy and uncomplicated to pass on raw materials and food, so that in the end something remains for everyone.

Our consumption today cannot be reconciled with our earth's resources, which are finite. We use up our resources faster than they can grow back. Above all, LEROMA worries about the massive waste of food and raw materials and is actively taking action against it.

We are already feeling the effects of climate change, for example it is getting warmer every year. Climate change will have other drastic consequences, such as climate disasters and famine. LEROMA is already acting today and advocating climate-friendly trade.

Our projects


LOWINFOOD has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101000439.

LOWINFOOD is an interdisciplinary Horizon 2020 project with 27 partners from twelve EU countries with the aim to significantly reduce food waste along the entire value chain. LEROMA participates in the project as an innovation partner. Our platform offers the food industry a solution at the beginning of the value chain to reduce raw material waste.


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