Dextrose: Clean label trend ensures strong market growth Natural sweeteners play a key role in the food market of the future. In the B2B segment, dextrose is in particular demand.

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Advantages of dextrose for the food industry
Dextrose offers a wide range of applications
North America is global market leader for dextrose

Advantages of dextrose for the food industry

Whether as powder, crystalline or liquid - dextrose is an integral part of product development

Dextrose, a monosaccharide, belongs to the group of carbohydrates and serves the human body as a quick but short-term source of energy. The monosaccharide is available in liquid, powder or crystalline form and is produced by drying or crystallization.

Naturally, dextrose is found in honey, in small amounts in most plants, and in fruits. The discovery of dextrose in grapes gave rise to the colloquial German name “Traubenzucker” (“grape sugar”). Industrially, the sweetener is obtained mainly from corn starch, potato starch and wheat starch.

Dextrose is characterized by various properties that should be taken into account in food technology and product development by B2B companies, some of which offer major advantages:

Good solubility Low molecular weight Lower sweetening power than sucrose (70-80 %)
High fermentability No sugar inversion Reduction of sugar
Dextrose exists in two forms: Dextrose monohydrate, which contains one molecule of water of crystallization, and anhydrous dextrose, which contains no water. Both forms are available as a white, crystalline powder of high purity.

Dextrose offers a wide range of applications

B2B suppliers and producers mainly supply the beverage industry and the confectionery industry

Dextrose is used in the food industry mainly as a sweetener and sugar alternative. However, it can also be used as an emulsifier, binder and thickener. In addition, it helps to extend the shelf life of foods.

In recent years, in addition to its use in foods, dextrose has been increasingly used in non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Dextrose is also used in the confectionery industry, in the dairy industry, in seasonings and dressings, and in other areas such as the snack industry.

Specific applications of D-glucose include yeast fermentation in baked goods and extending the shelf life of jams. In the meat industry, dextrose helps in the reddening of meat and sausage products, supporting the bright red coloration as well as the ripening process of salami and tea sausage. Sports and energy products are also enriched with dextrose.

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North America is global market leader in the fast-growing dextrose market

Rising dextrose demand from corn producer to end consumer

With an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.02 %, the market for plant-based sweeteners is showing strong growth. Increasing health awareness among consumers is one of the key drivers of this trend in the food industry. Further, the demand for soft drinks and juices is increasing especially in India, China, Japan, and Malaysia. As dextrose is needed to produce the beverages, demand is transferring to the natural raw material.

The price of dextrose is mainly determined by the primary raw materials. For example, the price of corn varies greatly due to seasonal conditions such as weather or other external influences.

The food industry is the largest processor of dextrose. However, the pharmaceutical industry and the cosmetics sector are also among the customers of B2B suppliers and wholesalers of dextrose. Due to its moisturizing properties, dextrose is used in creams and other cosmetic care products. In medicine, dextrose is applied, among other things, for short-term counteracting hypoglycemia in diabetes. D-glucose in powder form is particularly in demand.

Looking at the global market, North America is the strongest exporter of dextrose, as the region is the world's largest producer of corn. However, Asia Pacific has the highest growth of multifunctional sweeteners and contributes the greatest availability of corn starch, the precursor to dextrose. Combined with the aforementioned demand for energy drinks, this region competes with North America in the B2B segment.

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