E341 Calcium phosphate / calcium orthophosphate/ calcium dihydrogen phosphate

The following calcium phosphates are permitted under E341: monocalcium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate and calcium phosphate (tricalcium phosphate, TCP). They are white or colorless, odorless solids. These compounds have similar properties, but may differ in their chemical structure and intended use.

In the food industry, calcium phosphates serve as mineral sources of calcium and phosphate. In addition, E341 is used for stabilization, acid regulation, mineral supplementation and as a release agent. Manufacturers add E341 calcium phosphate to baked goods, for example, as a leavening agent and texture improver, or to prevent the separation of solids and liquids in dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and puddings. In beverages such as milkshakes, instant drinks or smoothies, as well as in cereals and snacks, calcium phosphate serves as an acidity regulator or stabilizer, while in spice blends and sauces it improves texture and ensures better distribution of ingredients.

Customers of E341 calcium phosphate / calcium orthophosphate / calcium hydrogen phosphate B2B suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers include food companies as well as related industries. E341 is used in pharmaceuticals, dental care products, pet food, feed additives and cosmetics.

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