Donation campaign - save food for a good cause
Although our B2B digital platform operates at the beginning of the value chain and we have food raw materials and fresh products mediated through the platform, today we are talking about finished food products. That is why today we are approaching our customers, partners and platform users to participate in the donation drive. 
You can donate durable ready-made food, as well as monetary donations are necessary for the organization.
food waste

Since the end of February 2022, the Russia-Ukraine conflict exists in Europe, where many people for a long period of time, have no or limited access to basic food. Because of the destruction of the infrastructure in many cities of Ukraine, the food supply is interrupted.

Here Leroma would like to make a solidarity contribution and start a food and money donation appeal.

Because our B2B network includes various companies from the food industry, we want to use this network to help people in Ukraine in the long term. Normally we mediate surpluses and leftovers, of raw materials, to fight against food waste in the industry. Today we address the food producers/traders.
We motivate you to consciously plan your produced products, in case you cannot use product lines for trade in the coming months. This would give you the opportunity to donate these quantities to the Ukrainian population.

food waste
LEROMA acts as a link. We organize the collection of all foodstuffs as well as their further transport to Ukraine. Especially we want to fight against the increasing food shortage in the interior of the country by collecting food already now.
You can also help us with:
  • - Food products of all kinds. Especially children's and baby food, as well as basic foodstuffs are needed.

  • - Assistance with the transportation

  • - Money donations, which can be used for storage and transport

We offer you two safe donation possibilities:
If you would like to donate food, you can call us or send us a request with your selected food items. Our team will then check the products and organize the transport to our warehouse in NRW.
You can donate money as well:
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food waste

Whether it is small or large monetary donations, as well as the variation in quantity of food ( boxes and / or whole pallets) - Every donation is welcome!
Due to the destruction of the industrial infrastructure, we expect that food donations will be needed for a longer period of time in the country.

Our first delivery destination in Ukraine is the city of Lviv/Lemberg. With the help of trucks, the food supplies will be transported there.

Call us or send us your list!

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Thank you for your support!
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