E1200 Polydextrose

E1200 Polydextrose is a synthetic polymer of glucose used as a food ingredient. It is widely used as a low-calorie bulking agent, source of dietary fiber and texturizer in a variety of foods. In this context, polydextrose replaces sugar, fat and flour in low-calorie and low-fat products.

In food production, E1200 polydextrose is used in the manufacture of baked goods such as bread, cookies and cakes, dairy products such as yogurt and ice cream, beverages such as smoothies and protein shakes, and snacks such as bars and cereals.

Major B2B producers and manufacturers of food and beverages using E1200 polydextrose include the United States, China, India, Brazil and Argentina. However, it should be noted that these countries are not necessarily the largest producers of E1200 polydextrose, as the ingredient can also be imported from other countries. E1200 polydextrose is widely available, which is why food manufacturers can buy the raw material from a variety of wholesalers and suppliers.

B2B suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers of E1200 Polydextrose mainly serve food and beverage companies, as it is a food raw material. However, it is possible that it is used as an ingredient in some non-food products that have a food-like or edible aspect, such as some types of oral care or cosmetic products.

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