Caviar, i.e. fish eggs or roe, can only be called original if they originally come from a sturgeon. The naming of the caviar species is conditioned by the sturgeon species, accordingly a naming of the caviar to the sturgeon species. Caviar is considered a luxury good and is considered one of the most highly priced foods, including caviar from the beluga sturgeon and white caviar from the albino sturgeon. Worldwide, only ten kilograms of the expensive commodity are produced annually. The largest B2B suppliers and producers of caviar come from China and Italy.

Caviar is too valuable for applications in other industries, which is why the food industry is the only customer of B2B wholesalers, producers and suppliers.

Synonyms and similar search terms: roe, fish eggs, tobiko, sturgeon eggs, bottarga, lumpfish, lumpfish caviar, trout caviar, keta caviar, caviar supplier, caviar manufacturer, caviar producer

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